Happy Flowers in my Backyard

Happy Flowers in my Backyard

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Upside of Unemployment: Serenity has followed me home.

The Upside of Unemployment: Serenity has followed me home.: I have now been in my new surroundings for just over a month, the furnishings are arranged, pictures hung, the cats are happy and I have sti...

Serenity has followed me home.

I have now been in my new surroundings for just over a month, the furnishings are arranged, pictures hung, the cats are happy and I have still maintained my ability to locate serenity when it is needed.

Next on my plate is to become employed, which hopefully will be happening in the very near future.  So my question is -  Do I need to start a whole new blog when I am no longer unemployed?

Throughout my unemployment I have been on a quest to find and learn how to maintain serenity.  My sojourn in the rustic area with a waterfall in my backyard and no real interruptions to my day helped me achieve this goal.  Now the goal will be to maintain serenity on a daily basis.

An easy way to maintain serenity has been to turn off the t.v. at dinner time, sit at my little table with a candle, a glass of wine and a good book(kindle) and dine.  I also now do not have a t.v. in my bedroom so every night I get into bed with low lights, WXPN's Night-time Echo's programming - music that is filled with very meditative, acoustic, low jazz sounds that lull me into a deeply serene state of mind and lulls me to sleep.

Now I must concentrate on becoming employed and I guess changing the name of my blog.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Upside of Unemployment: Maintaining Serenity Each and Every Day

The Upside of Unemployment: Maintaining Serenity Each and Every Day: Well summer is officially over, but now I strive to find serenity in a new home with no waterfall. I do have plenty of light streaming int...

Maintaining Serenity Each and Every Day

Well summer is officially over, but now I strive to find serenity in a new home with no waterfall.

I do have plenty of light streaming into my many windows and lots of space in which maintain my found serenity.

The one benefit of living away from the hectic pace of everyday living is how easy it is to disconnect and maintain serenity, now I found it to be a daily struggle.

Each and every day I find that there are more issues to deal with then I would normally care to have.  I understand that moving into a rental town home is trying and that there are issues to be dealt with, but it seems to be a daily occurrence and it is very frustrating.  Something that has helped me through this trying couple of weeks has been the peace and quiet of my surroundings.

Each night I go to sleep listening to soothing music via XPN.  It lulls me into sound peaceful sleep and has enabled me to maintain an upbeat attitude throughout the day.   My serenity returns each day in the evening as I sit quietly at my table eating dinner and drinking a glass of wine, while my cats sleep quietly on a chair nearby.

I hope that as each day comes and goes that I will be able to keep a few hours of serenity a part of the day.  It has become my goal to fulfill.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Serenity & Change

Into serenity most come change.

I have come to the conclusion that serenity is fluid-it ebbs and flows throughout your life.  As I am writing this post I am watching and listening to the waterfall in my backyard and feeling a little sad but also exciting over the forward direction my life is now flowing.

It has taken me this summer to learn how to let go of anger, let go of some fears and realize that each day ebbs and flows with its own pace and that I must learn to move within that pace rather than try to fight and change it.  When the flow has a downward spiral you cannot change the current but you can adapt and look forward on how to rise above it and maintain the serenity of the world around you rather than continue to flow downward.

In the past week I have finally located a new home and hopefully will find a new career pathway.  I will be sad to leave the Summer of Serenity, but the seasons ebb and flow and so must I.

I have been asked if I would return to the home at the waterfall and I find that I am torn with loving to have another Summer of Serenity or believing that serenity is something you must find where ever you reside.  After the past 4 months here I truly believe that now I can locate my serenity anywhere, because serenity must be within you in order for it to surround you.

Thank you for being a part of my "Summer of Serenity"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Finding a new home genie

I have just spent 2 days and many hours looking at apartments and town homes in order to locate a new venue for my serenity.  I am beginning to think that this is an impossibility, the venue not the serenity.

The summer home by the waterfall that has restored my peace of mind and my serenity was literally a stroke of luck and being online and the right time and place.  Now I need it to happen again.

When we sold our home the idea was to "downsize" a little, but what I have seen over the past few days would be downsizing a lot and I wouldn't be able to sell my furniture before it is moved to a "new" home due to the fact it is in containers at a moving/storage facility.  So what now?

One option is to lower my expectations on what I want, but why should I do that?  Throughout the summer of my serenity I have learned several beneficial lessons, most importantly although it's important to care for others you need to put yourself first from time to time.  I think that this is one of those times.  16 years ago I found a house that I liked, I was patient and when it dropped in price as I knew it would, we bought it and it became that home that all of the kids friends wanted to come hang out in and now I would like to feel the same sense of comfort, but a little smaller and no having to use a snow blower - I want the management to take care of that, along with mowing.  I really don't think this is too much to ask.

For the time being I am not panicking nor am I homeless, yet, but I really would like a fairy godmother or a genie to grant me the wish of continuing my serenity in a location that will fit most of my belongings along with 2 cats, a husband and once in awhile my children (there both adults and living on their own).   If that's not possible then could somebody please send me a town home with a dining room large enough for a table that seats 8.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Having Trouble Locating My Serenity

This has been an awful week for me.  In multiple ways the realization that my summer of serenity is fast approaching its end has materialized.

It began with rain-lots and lots of rain that turned the peaceful waterfall into a loud rush-so loud in fact I had to close the window by my desk in order to hear a conversation on the phone.  Stress has set into my soul with the idea that come the end of Labor Day weekend I may be "homeless".

We still have no decision on any fronts for "permanent" employment either for me or my spouse, so now I have to decide what to do:

Option 1 - Send the pets to my spouse and find temporary shelter with my mother.
Option 2 - Rent an apartment near my extended family (mother, sister, son, etc) move my furniture from storage and pray that I actually find employment in that area within a few months time.

I know what you are wondering why isn't there an Option 3 - move in with my spouse but there is a wrinkle in that scenario since he must have a permanent location at least 100 miles from where he is currently "temporarily" residing.

I am mostly stressed about the employment issue and wondering what else I can do besides fundraising.  I have applied for sales jobs but am told I have no experience in spite of the fact that that is exactly what fundraising is - the art of selling.  I have resumes out there for jobs I would love but in today's world it is practically impossible to speak with a human being to follow up on a submittal.  What ever happened to human contact?  We do everything through email, text, cellphone, Skype, etc.  Today when I called a company where I had submitted a resume for a position I would absolutely love to pursue, I was put into a automatic response that said my resume was being looked at and some one would contact me if there was a match.  How do they even know who I am, the automatic response never even asked.

I am angry, upset and disappointed, I wanted this to be the summer of serenity and contentment which it was for most of June and July but now the serenity is waning as the waterfall continues to flow, so do my tears.

The sun has just come out perhaps things will look up in the days to come and my serenity will return, but like the changeable weather, the waterfall and life in general serenity must ebb and flow.  I believe yesterday and today it has ebbed.